Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Snail Day

Today was also 'Snail Day' in our house!!
Hannah is going to a 'Show and Tell' day at our home ed group tomorrow and has chosen snails as her subject, so today we built a snail playground as shown in her nature detective book.

We filled a transparent tub with damp earth, put a dish of water in it and planted a few weeds, then added a stone and some veggies for his dinner. Then we put in the snail, who seemed to like it quite a lot from the way he was munching in there!

We added a perforated lid and put him in the shade until tomorrow. After the Show and Tell we are going to release him back into our garden.

Once the snail playground was finished Hannah kept on with her snail theme and made this stone snail in the garden to show it is a 'snail friendly garden'

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Rae said...

Have a lovely day with your show and tell today, Hannah. Verona loves to collect snails too; I must say, it looks llike you have set up a beautiful snail hotel. I would love to live with you if I were a snail!

I'm loving your art work from the other post as well; it's so pretty and makes me smile when I look at it :)