Thursday, 27 August 2009

A Ride Out

Hannah went riding again today. She hasn't been going very regularly as she wanted to try Ballet, Modern and Tap instead, and to be honest we couldn't afford all of it, but she has missed the horses so much that she have come up with a compromise. She is sticking with Modern as she really enjoys that, and then continuing with Riding in place of Ballet and Tap. I'm really pleased that she worked out her own solution and is happy with her decision.

The stables where she rides is an old fort, and today a couple of horses were turned out on the roof - it was so funny to see them suddenly appear over the top of the stables!!

Here is Hannah ready to ride
Enjoying the view from the lower slopes of Portsdown Hill

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lynn said...

Ooh'll work out more expensive in the long run ;)
Lynn x