Friday, 18 September 2009

Blue Reef Aquarium Field Trip

Today we went to Blue Reef Aquarium with some of the local home schoolers from around our area. It was a really interesting day. Hannah had a workshop to begin with on Rockpools, where she learnt about all the different species of sea life found in rockpools and was able to touch a star fish, a large spider crab and a velvet swimming crab. Afterwards we were free to spend as long as we liked looking at all the fish, reptiles and otters in the aquarium. Later Hannah and her friends Elijah, Jack and Ben all played in the sand and rock area outside the aquarium while we ate our picnic. A lovely day :-)

Hannah with a Starfish Velvet Swimming Crab
Learning about the Spider Crab
See the barnicles on his back?
Close up!
The following are some pictures taken around the aquarium after the workshop. We thought the seahorses and the puffer fish were amazing!

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