Friday, 25 September 2009

Painting, Playing, Dancing and Reading

Yesterday, Hannah and i went to Baffins Pond to meet up with our friends Carole, Tess and Brodie for some painting and playing. 

We started with some outdoor painting under a beautiful shady willow tree,

then moved on to running, playing and skipping before a picnic lunch.

After lunch we went to the library where the children chose lots of books, and Carole read stories to them all.

Then it was time for the girls to try their new dance class at The Ashcroft Arts Centre where we went for an open day last weekend. It was a lovely, relaxed, fun class which they both seemed to enjoy very much. We will be going back next week :-)

Finally, after dancing we went to Grandma's house for a cup of tea as Hannah wanted to show her one of her library books. Hannah is very interested in what life was like for her grandma when she was a little girl during the war, and had found a fascinating book called Grandma's War. She was really pleased when she and grandma sat and read the book together, and my mum was able to tell her all about her own experiences prompted by the things Hannah saw in the book.

I feel a museum trip coming on!!

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bettywobble said...

What lovely pictures! It look slike you had a lot of fun :)