Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Home Ed Group meeting

Today we started a new term at our Home Ed group, and also tried out a new format for our meetings. We really want the children to feel that it is their group, a place where they can feel secure and part of a team, so we helped them to make a 'group guidance tree' today. The guidance tree is a set of rules for the group, agreed by the children, based on the saying 'Always treat others the way you would like to be treated yourself'. The children each wrote a leaf for the tree to remind themselves of the rule, and we will put the poster up at each meeting. We also started the meeting with a circle time, where each child had a chance to share something with the group, and ended with the children putting together ideas for a poster advertising our group.

Here is Hannah having a cup of Blackberry and Nettle tea before the group began.

Some of the Children with the Guidance Tree

A closer look.

Our Newest Member, Welcome to the group Finn :-)

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Devonmama said...

What a great idea the tree is...we are becoming involved in a new group soon, I think I'll propose that we have a tree too :) Love the beanbags you guys made too...Hannah is better at using the sewing machine than me lol! xx