Tuesday, 15 September 2009

A Day At Home

Tomorrow is our home education group's 'Book Group' and the children have read 'Little House In The Big Woods', so today Hannah has been doing some Little House inspired art, discussing the two short Little House stories she has read, and finding out about being a little girl in Wisconsin 140 years ago!

We also reorganised our (very over crowded) season table, it has a much more autumnal feel to it now, and finished today with a lovely meditation from Hannah's Enchanted Meditations cd. I cannot recommend this cd highly enough, it is so peaceful and relaxing and very calming after a busy day.

Our seasonal table (note to self - buy a new cloth!!)

'Little House in the Big Woods' picture books.

Laura's Rag Doll

Hannah's version of a log cabin and patchwork quilt.

She managed to do her labels by herself today.

Hannah's Fantastic Meditation Cd

complete with yoga pose.

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