Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Making bean bags.

Ever since i got my new sewing machine Hannah has been asking to learn to sew, so yesterday we made some nice, simple bean bags to play with. She did really well and soon got the hang of steering the fabric and treading GENTLY on the foot pedal!! We filled the bags with rice afterwards and then spent a happy half an hour throwing them up in the air on a blanket!

Using the machine

Filling With Rice

The finished Bean Bags

Home Made Fun.


Rae said...

Oh wow; these are brilliant. I'm so fascinated that you are letting Hannah use a sewing machine. I need to get over my fear, because she's done a beautiful job. I could just see V getting carried away and machining her fingers. :D Funny how some things bother us and others don't - I'm happy to let her light a fire in our 12kw woodburner LOL!

Anyway, please pass on my congratulations to Hannah; these are great and would make lovely presents for her friends

Susie said...

Awww, thank you, she did do a good job! I was worried at first, so let her practise just feeding the fabric through, and then just using the foot pedal to see how it felt, after she did that she was really careful to go slowly and keep her fingers safe, i think it's instinctive at this age.
She was so proud that she had actually made something, and loves your idea of making some as gifts :-)