Thursday, 17 September 2009

Lessons and Lapbooking

Today Hannah started working on her Horizons work books again. She hasn't been doing much of these over the summer, but really wanted to try them again today and had fun doing them. I'm pleased that she gave them another try, as she actually gets on very well with them but sometimes lacks confidence.

Afterwards, inspired by some of the mum's at our home schooling group, we decided to start a lapbook of our own. Back in the spring we went on a wild flower walk with our friends Angel and Sydney, and the girls collected flowers to press. We still have ours, and so mounted some of them today as the first part of the lapbook. Hannah is really happy with the way they turned out, and is planning on making a life cycle wheel to go in it next.

Using her base 10 counting sticks (we made them with lolly sticks and beans!)


Hannah's first lapbook

Some of the flowers she pressed.

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