Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Another Catch - Up

It's been a few days since i last blogged so i thought i'd better do another catch up!

Since our lovely snowy day last week we have had another day of snowy walks and play, Hannah gets so excited when it snows and she spent several chilly hours running and running in the snow last thursday!

Then at the weekend we decorated for Christmas. Hannah helped with everything (including the pre-decorating spring clean!) and now everywhere feels properly Christmassy!

She has started doing her lesson snuggled up on the sofa now infront of the fire, and her reading has really noticeably improved over the last couple of weeks. She seems to have reached the point where it has all suddenly fallen into place, and she is very proud of herself.

Yesterday we went to our home-schooling group's monthly Book Group. The book was Treasure Island, and Hannah had read a shorter abridged version of the story ready for the session. The children began by discussing the story, and then made treasure maps,
and baked pirate cookies!

Hannah loves going to book group, and was sooooo keen to go yesterday that she got up early and made peanut butter sandwiches for her packed lunch all by herself!
Thank you Sarah for another lovely session!
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