Thursday, 30 December 2010

Christmas 2010

Our christmas began with a walk around our neighbourhood to see the christmas lights on christmas eve. Hannah loves seeing the lights and gets really excited by all the brightly flashing flashiness of it all !!!

(i do not even want to imagine what it's like living inside this house at christmas lol)

Then later on christmas eve we went to the Children's Nativity and Christingle at the church.
And finally it was time to sleep so Santa could come!!
Here is Hannah on christmas morning, she was so excited she was literally trembling while she opened her gifts!

And later on, she and my mum surprised Dean and I with a filled stocking from Hannah Santa :-)
Daddy cooked christmas lunch in his funky Rudolf apron, cheered on by Hannah!
And on christmas night Hannah and her doll Lanie wore matching nightgowns to bed, a gift from Hannah's best (and very much missed) friend Sydney (who now lives back in the USA).
Boxing day saw Hannah dressed in her new christmas gift clothes and ready for a trip to the park for some fresh air with Grammy.
and then back to play with her new christmas presents - this is her favourite puzzle, a riding stables scene :-)

It has been a lovely christmas, and we are looking forward to a peaceful new year.
Happy New Year to you all!!


Woolly Wanderer said...

Many blessings to you all during the forthcoming Year.

San and co xx

windingcirclelifeschool said...

A wonderful Xmas day for you all:) Sometimes getting to sleep is the hardest part but Hannah seemed quite content:)Hoping that 2011 blesses you all with fun joy and love.