Monday, 13 December 2010

Little House On The Prairie and other things !

We were recently given this lovely boxed set of Little House On The Prairie books, and as i loved them so much as a child i couldn't wait to read them to Hannah. Luckily she was just as keen and it turns out that she loves them EVEN more than me (if that is even possible!!)!

We have read the first two (Big Woods and On The Prairie) and are almost finished with Plum Creek and Hannah has been living and breathing pioneer times since we started reading!

Over this weekend she was working busily by herself for hours, she asked for sticky tape and help with cutting out a few tricky bits, and other than than she created this totally by herself -

Laura's Wagon with Ma, Pa, Mary, Laura and Carrie.

The we printed out a wagon template on to card and she assembled it and painted it to look as near as she could get it to a pioneer wagon.
Laura's wagon with all the children following behind!
We looked on our map to see how far they travelled to get to Plum Creek - Hannah was especially interested because we read that the Ingalls' dog Jack walked the whole way behind the wagon.
We are going to start a lapbook after christmas based on Little House In The Big Woods as Hannah has especially asked if we can after seeing one on Hands Of A Child

Hannah has also worked hard on her Penmanship book and finished the whole book, she was really pleased with herself - well done Hannah !
She celebrated with some hot christmassy apple cider (of the non-alcoholic variety).
On Saturday Hannah made a Christingle Candle for our table - she remembered making them in church last year and thought it would be a nice addition to the dinner table.
and finally on Sunday she went to Sunday school and had her picture chosen for the display board.

It has been a really good week for us :-)

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Michelle said...

we love little house on the prairie! i loved watching it as a young girl, i had never read the books until i had kids. now it is one of my favorites. love the cover wagon! very cool