Thursday, 2 December 2010

A Real Snow Day!!!

Now, i know that 10cm of snow doesn't really constitute a snow day to lots of you who live in places where you have real snow, but to us (on the South Coast of England) today was REALLY exciting!!!!

When Hannah and i went out to feed the chickens (in our dressing gowns and wellies) this is what we found!!

The poor hens didn't know what had happened and were very alarmed - they've never seen snow before!!
Obviously we HAD to go out, and since daddy's train was cancelled and he couldn't get to work, he came with us.

One of us rode in comfort !!

Then went sledding in the park.
Threw lots of snowballs,
and built a snowman with daddy!

Hannah was really impressed with the icicles hanging off of our bay window - she'd never seen them before.
We had a really fun day, and hopefully there will still be snow tomorrow as it's pretty cold and icy tonight. We're keeping our fingers crossed anyway :-)
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