Friday, 17 December 2010

Ice Skating

Hannah and i have had the best day today! We went to Gunwharf Quays which is a shopping and entertainment complex in Old Portsmouth where they have laid an ice rink for christmas. Hannah had never skated before and really wanted to give it a try so we went along to see what it was like.
Well, she loved it!!!! She started off using one of the little penguins to help her, and then started skating on her own! I've always been really nervous of her skating, it seems so scary (hence making her wear her helmet- i am that mother lol), but i'm so pleased i took her, she had such a good time.

First time on the ice.
Penguin Power!

Skating by herself.

Of course Lanie had to skate too!
After skating we wandered around the christmas displays.

And then went to Starbucks for hot chocolate and eggnog lattes.......yum!
We did manage a little shopping, well Hannah did, she got a new winter coat in Gap, before rushing home in the dark to put the chickens to bed!


Fiona said...

Hannah did a great job with the ice skating and it is great to see you have penguin ice buddies too!!
Will we be seeing pictures of you on the ice soon Susie?
Oh and I am also the Mum who makes her kids wear helmets too. That ice is seriously hard when you fall.

Timeless and Treasured, Photography by Heather said...

What a fun day - I love her Lanie doll! Did you know they make ice skates for the dolls too? So fun!

windingcirclelifeschool said...

Hannah certainly has talent on the ice, she looked like she was having a blast out there.
I wish i had though of helmets when Hibiscus was out on the ice last year.Normally I am that mum too and Miss 11 will tell you that when you go down on ice it is not fun! Its the perfect winter activity:D

Woolly Wanderer said...

Happy Days eh?!

We've been wondering for some time about keeping chickens, we have the space but the one thing that, bothers me is the issue of mites!! Do you dust out the coop or have the chickens been lucky and not had them ?

San x