Tuesday, 14 December 2010

An Early Christmas Present - and Homeschool Group!

Yesterday Hannah's cousin Frinny came to visit. She has just come back from New York and brought Hannah the most exciting christmas present (which she was allowed to open early!). Frinny had remembered how much Hannah has longed for an American Girl doll, particularly Lanie (the doll of the year 2010) and with the year almost over she was so kind as to buy the doll for Hannah for christmas. How lovely and generous - Hannah was so, so, so excited - i don't think i've ever seen her so happy with a gift, her little face shone and she just squealed with happiness!!

I did manage to get a picture of Frinny, Lanie and Hannah after Hannah had calmed down to just above fever pitch ;-)
Frinny also brought her adorable new puppy Jenson to visit - he is the tiniest, cutest ball of fluff ever!!
And of course Hannah couldn't go to bed without a picture of Lanie's first night at home ( Hannah sleeps under a rainbow canopy with a bed guard to keep all 27 soft toys from falling out of bed, which is why we are all cramped into a tiny space!)

Today was our last homeschooling group meeting at the playground before christmas and we had a really fun session for the children. First they learned how to make paper Poinsettia's and then weaved 'God's Eye' snowflakes (sorry, forgot to take pictures - oops!), and then in keeping with the Mexican christmas theme, they had a snowman shaped Pinata!

Eventually they managed to break the pinata down and shared out the goodies inside - Hannah pronounced it 'really cool' and wants one for her birthday :-)

Then it was time for free play before going home. Of course Hannah brought Lanie with her to show her friends and lots of little girls poured over the American Girl catalogue before taking Lanie out to play on the swings - there is something so sweet about little girls playing dolls! I'm so glad i have a girly girl and can relive a bit of my childhood - i LOVED my dolls and secretly, i'm almost as excited about the AG catalogue as Hannah and her friends are!!!


sarah said...

That doll is lovely. I love the coats you can buy for them (yes I was sad enough to look).

Fiona said...

The doll looks lovely, and I totally get the 'girls with dolls' thing. Both of mine have asked for dolls for Christmas, and I am so thrilled they didn't want computer games and other electronic stuff.

Also loved you previous post, and have ordered the Little House on the Prairie books for Sofie.

windingcirclelifeschool said...

They make the most beautiful dolls, Hannah is one lucky girl:D And so is her mum for being able to share Lanie.

Woolly Wanderer said...

Looks like you've both been megga busy!! Sara one of our older girls and another home schooler loved the Little House books. Hannah did an amazing job with that wagon.

The American Girl doll looks lovely too, hardly surprising that you had to peel her off the ceiling!! I am totally amazed that, there is room for Hannah in that bed of hers!!

Blessings San x