Thursday, 7 April 2011

Five Mile Walk Around Bosham

Today we have been on the most beautiful spring walk around Bosham Creek with my sister and my mum.

We walked along footpaths, shoreline and lanes to the village of Bosham in West Sussex, had a lovely lunch in the craft centre there and then walked all the way back. It was sooooo warm and sunny that i managed to get sunburned - oops!!
We walked a lot of the way on the tidal path and just managed to get to the village before high tide covered the path. Luckily by the time we had finished lunch the tide had dropped enough for us to make it back but we did do a spot of paddling at the beginning!

Isn't this Blackthorn blossom beautiful?

Some parts of the tidal path have Oak trees right down to the shoreline and their roots and branches made a lovely place for Hannah to play.
See that bright blue sky!
There's Bosham in the distance across the water!

Beautiful bright green oak leaves bursting from their buds.

We have had such a lovely day, thank you Anita for taking us :-)
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