Sunday, 10 April 2011

A Sponsored Walk for St Wilfrid's Hospice

Each year the charity that Dean works for has a children's sponsored Bunny Hop around Hotham Park in Bognor Regis. This is the first year that Hannah has taken part and she had a really fun day.

The children were given bunny masks to colour and wear for the event and Hannah brought along her special bunny 'Snuff-ears' whom she has had since she was born, and she walked the one mile route around the park in the glorious sunshine.

Hannah and Snuff-ears' pre walk picture.

Before the walk began the children all did a bunny hopping warm up

Off on the walk
All finished and certificate received
After the walk we stayed for an easter egg hunt, before heading over to the boating lake for 20 mins of pedal-boating. It was lovely on the pond in the sunshine.

We also had a lovely walk around the park, we had never been there before and it was such a nice park. Lots of wildlife around and even green parrots living there, although sadly we didn't spot any this time.
We did see this very friendly squirrel though,
and Hannah was absolutely certain that this was a fairy house!
There was a lot of tree loving going on this afternoon, Hannah is especially fond of trees.
This one was even treated to a special spring hula dance lol!!

And lastly we went to the playground!!
She loves these crazy spinning things!!

We are very proud of Hannah for her efforts today, she raised lots of money for the hospice and had a lovely time doing it. Next it's daddy's turn, he is doing a 'Hike In Heels' next month and we can't wait to see him in a dress and stillettos strumming his ukelele as he strolls...........or rather staggers, along :-)


Jessica said...

Well done Hannah, its great to see children doing the best they can to help others.And such a nice sunny day for it too!Hopefully you will take some pictures of your hubby when its his never know when you might want to pull them out again:)

Michelle said...

Well done Hannah, and I think you are right about the fairy house. :oD

Fiona said...

Well done Hannah and Snuff Ears.
And the pics on the boating lake look like they were taken at some exotic location abroad!
Can't wait to see the pics of Dean doing his walk in heels - will you be lending him a pair of yours Susie?!

Woolly Wanderer said...

Dean in drag... now there is a blogworthy post all of its own!!!

Love the new look schoolroom!

San x