Thursday, 14 April 2011

A Nice, Ordinary Day

Today started out quietly, with Hannah doing her lessons while i alternately helped her and supplied a constant stream of snacks!

She did some English, learning about nouns and sorting them into groups.

and then wrote out her next set of tables 5-8.
Then we decided to start a project on 'Countries Around The World' as we haven't done very much geography this year.
Hannah wanted to start with England and Great Britain, so we made a map and researched some facts and put them together with a Union Jack flag.

Hannah made a front cover for her project,
and then got on with some piano practise while i tidied up!
After lunch we had a playdate with some friends from our homeschooling group - Hannah had a lovely time with the three girls while i drank tea and chatted :-)

On the way home we stopped by the playground where Hannah finally mastered the monkey bars! She has been desperate to be able to get across them for so long, and suddenly today she managed to find the confidence to do it! She only made it half way along, and tried and tried to get all the way but her little arms got too tired so we're going back tomorrow to try again!

She also got right to the top of the rope climbing frame, which looked scarily high to me and my camera!!
I'm sure there will be lots more monkey bar pictures to follow lol!

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KP Nuts said...

What a fabulous park you have so close by