Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Our 'School' Room

Once upon a time we lived in a dinky little town house with a dining room. Then Hannah grew bigger, and homeschooling took over a corner of the dining room so it became an eating and learning room. Now she is almost 7, has lots of 'school' things, art things, posters, books, keyboard................................and i've finally given up and freecycled the table and chairs!!!

So, after a weekend of rearranging things Hannah now has a completely, all of her own, schoolroom in the middle of the house!!

We were given a nice big desk by a kind freecycler for her to work at, all her school and art supplies are organised, her keyboard has a permanent home for easy piano practise and there is plenty of room for her to dance around as well (the dancing part is very important lol).

Here is Hannah doing multiplication tables yesterday at her new desk.
We have a little book case and child sized seat in the corner under the window for Hannah to use as a reading corner, and she has all her little felted ceatures and special crystals on it.
The other side of the room has all her school books and art supplies on this tall unit, and i've grouped her posters into themes around the room.
So, here is what she did yesterday in her new room. Multiplication tables 1 - 4. The instructions were to copy the answers from the table chart, but Hannah wanted to do them from memory so she figured them all out on her own. Some of her 8's have smiley faces and arms and legs, she was clearly enjoying them!
Reading and sentance comprehension.
Then we chose this book for reading. Hannah read it aloud, and then we picked April to look at as we are in April!
Hannah described what she thought the poem meant, and then i asked her to do a picture of something that the poem made her think of.
She did a rainbow, because the opening phrase is 'Sunny spells and showers of rain' and Hannah said sunshine and showers make rainbows!
Of course this led on to lots of questions about rainbows, so we got out the lovely 'I Wonder Why' book and read all about them.
and also lots of general facts about colours and how they are made up.
And lastly it was time for piano practise.
My mum plays piano, and has been teaching Hannah her scales and some simple tunes but she hasn't been able to practise a lot as we've had no where to keep the keyboard set up. So, as i'm sure you can imagine, Hannah was really excited that it has a real place in the room now!!
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