Friday, 22 April 2011

Too Busy To Blog

That's what we've been this week, much too busy to blog!!
Hannah's friends who usually go to school have been on holidays this week, so we have done lots of catching up with them.
Hannah has done a little bit of school work, but not a lot, we declared this week a holiday on tuesday as the weather has been gorgeous and there was too much fun to be had outdoors!
We have spent hours in the parks and playgrounds, had two trips to Baffins pond to see the ducklings,had some fun girly shopping trips and been to the movies to see Hop, which we LOVED!

School work done on monday!
The picture came out too faint, but it actually says 'The Easter Bunny comes on Easter morning and leaves me Easter presents and chocolate', Hannah is very excited about Easter lol.

We met this very noisy, cranky goose at the pond!
and a lovely duck family.
and Grandma!
Hannah has done a lot of playground playing, and has been so brave this week. She is usually really shy of talking to other children but this week she has actually been inviting other children to play with her (and they have accepted), a big confidence step for Hannah.

Squirrel spotting in the trees!
Looking for geese,

This is Hannah picking up litter that other people had left behind in the area she wanted to play in. She cleaned it all up so the ducks wouldn't swallow it, she even had me fish some plastic bags out of the pond!
It's three o'clock in fairyland!
Playing with her dolls
Strawberry Shortcake and Raspberry Torte, she spent her pocket money on them this week and has played with them every day - they smell good too :-)
Another day, another playground!
Another slide,
and another set of monkey bars!
This afternoon we are having a rest!!!!

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