Monday, 15 August 2011

Beach Buggin' 2011

Yesterday was the Annual VW Beach Buggin' show on Southsea Common. We were going to a Gymkhana until we saw all the 'Vans and Beetles pouring into Portsmouth and then we HAD to go!! We used to have a red VW camper called Daisy, and we miss her so much - she was the best vehicle EVER!! Hannah and I are always hoping we'll spot her at a show one day and get to say hello again! We didn't see her yesterday, but we did have a lovely time checking out all the Splitties, Bays, Wedgies, Beetles, American Day Vans etc etc..............

Here are just a few of the pictures we took.

I saw this on the side of a 'van - it says it all really!

Daddy with his friend who owns this really cool Day Van!

The cutest Beetle :-)

Hannah wanted us to get this instead of the bicycle and trailer lol!
Our favourite Bay (also called Daisy!)

We even watched some street dancing performers!

It was a great show!!

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