Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Falconry Display At The City Museum

Today we met up with a group of friends from our homeschooling group at the City Museum to watch the Xtreme Falconry display that was being held there as part of the Out To Lunch activities.
Here is Hannah arriving at the museum.
Some of the birds on display.

The Barn Owl gave a flying display,

I think this one is a Horned Owl, but i could be wrong!
This is definitely the American Bald Eagle
He was HUGE!!!
It was amazing watching him fly!
And afterwards Hannah got to play with her friends and look around the museum - here she is with Melissa :-)
The museum is great, there was so much to look at inside (no pictures allowed though!), we will be going back for more exploring very soon :-)

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Jessica said...

Those bords are amazing, it must have been fun to watch them fly like that!Shame about the no pics inside but i guess thats to protect the displaus from the flash!