Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Hannah and Coral

When Hannah was just a year old we met a little girl also just a year old in a playground. She was there with her grandmother who took care of her while her parents were at work. The girls became friends almost immediately and for the next 4 years they saw each other several times a week at least, we took them to the same playgroups, went to each others houses, met in the parks and had days out together.

This is them aged 3 years
Then Coral went to school, and her grandma didn't have her during the day anymore and they both made new friends - but they didn't forget each other. Every holiday Corals' grandma arranges to have Coral stay with her for a few days and the girls have a big catch -up, and they have stayed as close as ever!

On monday we met up for the day at the splash pool and it was as though they had never been apart! They were so busy being together and playing that i couldn't even get a photo opportunity lol. But i did get them chasing each other through the water .................just!!
I hope this bond they have stays strong always - their friendship is so precious.


Woolly Wanderer said...

What a super cute picture and that friendship bond is priceless san

KP Nuts said...

How great that you have stayed in touch.