Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Summer Reading Challenge - Circus Stars

This summer Hannah is taking part in the Summer Reading Challenge taking place in most UK libraries over the holidays. The challenge is simple, read six or more books over the summer, re-tell the stories to your librarian when you return the books and collect your stickers. At the end of the summer all the children who have completed the challenge are invited to an awards ceremony where they receive certificates of achievment.

Hannah is half way through her challenge and has so far read,

The Dolls House Fairy by Jane Ray, Lucky Chance - The New Foal by Pippa Funnell and Rainbow Magic - Edie The Garden Fairy by Daisy Meadows and Georgie Ripper.

Yesterday we took the first two books back and Hannah collected her Circus Stage and her first stickers,
her colouring to go on the library wall and her Circus Stars card.
She needed a bit of help with the Pippa Funnell book, but managed the other two really well on her own and was so proud when she told the librarian all about them. She is looking forward to starting her next book tonight!

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