Friday, 19 August 2011

Random Stuff from this week!

This week Hannah has been :



Don't believe Crayola when it says washable on the bottle - it took several soakings to get the paint off of Hannah's hands and feet - she looked tie dyed lol!!

She painted these in the garden and managed to add quite a bit of sand to the paint which made for an interesting texture!

We have also done some cooking and baking.We made apple pie (no picture - i forgot and we ate it lol),

Apple Sauce
and Hannah made cinnamon sugar cookies.
She has also done lots of reading, and we're off to the library now to collect more stickers in her reading challenge :-)


Jessica said...

Never believe anyone when they say "washable"! LOL.I think it might means different things to different people!Apparently if you add some dishwash detergent to paint it makes it come out easier in the wash.Or so we have been told:)

Rae said...

what a busy and fun time you've had. That paint looks awesome and I love the paintings. Well done on getting to another reading challenge level Hannah!

Woolly Wanderer said...

As always you guys have loads of fun and good weather too!!

A tie dyed Hannah in rainbow colours is very apt... let's face it your wee gal always looks colourful!!

San x