Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Riding Out

It's been the most beautiful day today, and Hannah has been for a ride over Portsdown Hill. The bridleway was full of summer flowers, butterflies and birds and she loved every minute of it.
She hadn't been riding for a few months and had really started to miss the ponies, so we thought it was time to get back to it.
To be honest i find it a real struggle financially to keep up with all the activities Hannah would like to do, and out of all those activities riding is the most expensive - but, it's also the one she gains the most from. Just being out in the countryside does wonders for her, being on a pony, learning to trust him, being at one with him, learning to understand him, those things are so enpowering and give her such a peaceful confidence in herself that it is more than worth the struggle.

Today she rode a lovely New Forest pony called Travis - he took really good care of her, even when they encountered a fire truck complete with flashing lights !!

Next week she is going to have a lesson in the riding school and is already really excited about it!!


Devonmama said...

What a lovely day for it! Can't wait for the boys to be big enough for horse riding - Ben was a show jumper when he was younger, so I hope it's in the genes! Although yes, I can see what you mean about the expense, we're going to start saving soon! x

Lynn said...

Travis looks a nice pony :-)
Finn had another pony ride at Manor Farm this week and he loves it. He's very nearly 5 so I'm thinking about lessons....hmmm no idea where that money will come from. , he often asks when Taffy is "coming back to us where he belongs" sniff. Off to buy a lottery ticket x

Fiona said...

How lovely, and Hannah looks great on Travis.
Sofie has spend this entire week at pony camp, and hasn't stopped talking about it. Every waking moment is filled with mad pony chatter....
She is also keen to do regular lessons and it is so hard to tell a six year old that there aren't always enough hours in the day (or pennies in the pocket!) for everything.

katrina said...

It is great that you are able to get Hannah back riding. She looks like she LOVES it! Must be wonderful to be out riding in the country, what a great experience for her.