Thursday, 29 September 2011

Adventure Group - Tie Dyed T-Shirts

This week at Adventure Group the children learned a tie dying craft. They all had t-shirts or plain cotton bags to decorate and started by making a drawing surface with the t-shirt / bag. Hannah elastic banded the fabric over a plastic cup to hold it steady, and then drew out her design with Sharpie permanent markers. Once the design was finished we dripped surgical spirit onto the designs to disperse the ink in a tie dye pattern.

Hannah was really pleased with her shirt, and made a little one for her doll Lanie as well.

Here are the shirts drying in the sun!

Hannah wanted to wear hers as soon as it was dry!

After the craft one of the older boys very sportingly agreed to let the little ones bury him in the sand pit - they LOVED it!

He even let them use water and got absolutely drenched - luckily his mother had had the foresight to bring spare clothes!

They all had such a fun time that i can see it becoming a regular occurrence - note to self, pack dry clothes!!

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