Friday, 16 September 2011

A Project - Our Seaside Town

Yesterday Hannah got together at the library with a few friends to work on a new project. The children are looking at 'A Seaside Town' and yesterday they all brought holiday memorabilia to share, and compiled a list of all the things they would expect to find in a seaside town.

Then we went out into the glorious sunshine to walk around the area and see how many of the things on their list they could find.

At the crazy golf
The Shoreline WalkThe Pier
We ended up at Canoe Lake and the Natural History Museum, so popped in to see if there were any butterflies in the butterfly house - there were!

and we finished the day with some playtime in the park!!!

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KP Nuts said...

I must share this post with a home ed blog friend who has been having library troubles - yours looks great