Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Reading Blogs!

I still am, honest! I just can't comment on anyones blog that requires a google sign in (Fiona etc!). I don't know why and as soon as i fix it i'll be commenting all over the place, but for now please know that i'm still reading them all :-)


Jessica said...

Hi Susie, this is a BIG problem for a lot of people and a few months ago I couldnt comment on peoples blogs either, it would just give me the round about every time i tried to sign in.
Some one told me to do this
When you sign in DO NOT click the "keep me signed in box" and that will allow you to comment on blogs.It means signing in each time you turn the computer on but it works. Sounds to simple to be true, but its worked for a lot of people.
Hugs and good luck!

KP Nuts said...

I wondered where you had gone!