Thursday, 22 September 2011

A Thursday At Home

Today was a typical day at home and started with Hannah reading a chapter of her reading book while Lanie (her AG doll) researched the book on her laptop!!

Her English lesson was all about story predictions, and her Math was number bonds and addition practise.

We did some work in her 'God and Me' book, and Hannah learned the meanings of her names and wrote some words which told about her using the letters from her christian name.

Then she started her United States workbook which her best friend Sydney had sent her. If you've been reading this blog for a while you'll remember Sydney, she lived near us for three years before moving back to the US and she and her mom still send us curriculum, fun activities and goodies -we miss them so much!

Anyway, Hannah loves her workbook so that will be her geography covered for a week or two and she'll have fun doing it!

She finished up by practising her computer skills surfing the American Girl website and playing some of the games on there!
This afternoon we went to the park and Hannah spent an hour cycling around there before going out to play with her friends until dinner time!

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