Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Back To (Home) School!!

Today was our back to school day after the summer break. Hannah is officially doing grade 2 this year (we follow a US curriculum), but having started it this morning we discovered that the early work really wasn't challenging enough for her so we've skipped through quite a bit! We'll do the later lessons this term, and then move on to grade 3 i think.

Anyway, Hannah started by learning about The Parts Of A Story.

She read the mini stories on her worksheets and then had to pick out the plot, or main idea, and write them down.

After that we moved on to start the grade 2 math and found the same problem, so we pulled out some of the earlier lessons and started at times tables and multiplication.

So, the first lesson now was counting in twos and fives. Hannah like the worksheets, they are fun and colorful and have some nice activities so hopefully she'll enjoy grade 2/3 this year.

After math Hannah read a chapter of her reading book which she is really enjoying.

This term we are also going to be using ;

and these;

We have some lapbooks all ready to start, we have Little House In The Big Woods, The Big Snow, and Native American Indians, and we have a couple of science projects all lined up as well, so here's hoping this is a good year for us !


Dawn said...

Great to see your blog again, hope you've enjoyed the Summer. Looking very organised for the year ahead :-). Imogen had those toad books for Christmas last year and enjoyed reading them.

Jessica said...

You guys look wonderfully organised for your school year:) And such a bright curriculum too, that has to be a plus.
Its good you can skip the things Hannah knows and go to the stuff she is up to, the benifits of HS are almost endless:)

Fiona said...

I am super impressed with your organisation. Your 'school' looks like a lot of fun.
I remember the frog and toad books from my own childhood too!