Friday, 2 September 2011

Not Back To School Picnic 2011

Today we have been to our annual Not Back To School Picnic with our homeschooling group. What a great day!! Lovely weather, lots of fellow homeschoolers, games, crafts, face painting and socialising!!

One of the dads in the group is a screen printer, and he made us some fantastic banners to advertise our group - aren't they fab!

Hannah had a lovely time playing with an old friend whom she hadn't seen for about a year. They spent the whole picnic together!

This was the water bomb factory!

I think everyone really enjoyed today, and hopefully a few more families now know that homeschooling is a real option :-)


pixieminx said...

:D A wonderful day had by all I think (with the possible exception of the 10 years taken off my life by losing the small one!). Hermionie was so pleased to see Hannah and can't wait till next time. Great banners, fab pics. :) Emma

KP Nuts said...

Fabulous - very organised with the banners and everything.