Thursday, 28 June 2012

Adventure Group - Tie Dying Activity

This week at Adventure Group the children all had the chance to tie dye silk handkerchiefs. Hannah was very excited as she has lots of playsilks that she loves to play with, and she thought the handkerchiefs would make perfect playsilks for her American Girl dolls.

 They were each given a silk handkerchief soaked in vinegar, which Hannah concertina folded and secured with elastic bands at intervals - she had chosen to make her first one striped!

Hannah and Ellie rocking their rubber gloves!
 Then they all put on rubber gloves and applied the ready mixed dye (ready made by Sally, the mum who was running the activity!!) to the chosen areas on the silk.

 Once it was done the silks were sealed in plastic bags for an hour to allow the dye to take effect. Then it was on to silk number 2. Hannah banded this one in different areas to make a more tie dye pattern and applied random colours!


These are Hannah's finished silks - they are more vibrant than the picture really shows, and she is super pleased with them!

Thanks for a great craft Sally :-)

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vickster said...

Wow they look fab,i must get Hannah to give me some lessons.X