Friday, 15 June 2012

A Home Made Wormery

This afternoon, after a rain shower, Hannah went outside to top up the bird table and discovered lots of worms hiding under the woodpile. She was really interested and watched them for ages, then she went indoors, and came out again with her sketch pad to draw them.
After a while she started asking questions about them, so we looked through her wildlife books for the answers and came across a home made wormery project.

It was really simple - cut a large bottle in halves, fill with sand and earth, add worms and greenery..................

........wrap in card to keep it dark and water daily.

Cover in plastic food wrap and put it somewhere cool and it's done!

We will unwrap the wormery next week and hope to find that lots of interesting worm activity has been going on!

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happy's mommy said...

Bristel and Trevy would LOVE this project! I'll have to try it with them too!

...danielle - RLR