Monday, 25 June 2012


On Friday we had an unexpected day at home as our nature group was postponed, so Hannah spent the morning doing some 'school' work, She read all about writing a book review in her Writing Smarts (by American Girl) book and then had a go at writing her own review.

The picture is horribly grainy sorry - i must start using my camera instead of my phone!

Hannah thought her writing was too messy, but I'm still really pleased that she gave it a try. She even enjoyed it!

She also started learning multiplication in her math book.

After lunch Hannah was expecting her friend Mimi over for a play date, and she really wanted to bake something to share with her . She decided on Whoopie Pies !

 They didn't look exactly like they were supposed to, but they tasted really good!

Hannah gave them the thumbs up!

Before brownies Hannah wanted to try on my sisters old brownie uniform from 1979 which she had borrowed to show her brownie pack at their meeting. She really liked it and looked so cute!

 and after brownies Hannah took Mimi to visit her favorite climbing tree !

Can you see her peeping out of the middle of the tree?


Woolly Wanderer said...

I still think the old brownie uniform, takes a lot of beating!! Did your sis have the bobble hat?

Susie said...

I loved that uniform :-) I had a bobble hat, my sister had the (even older) wool beret!!

PrairieJenn said...

Sounds like a perfect day to me! I need to look for that American Girl book that you mentioned. We don't really work on writing formally, though they both love to write. Something like that would be perfect since it would peak their interest and give them a little structure too. Thanks for sharing:)

We love Whoopie Pies, though we haven't made any lately:)

Love the picture of Hannah in the old brownie uniform! I wore a similar uniform when I was her age with knee socks and a beanie...yikes!