Thursday, 21 June 2012

Art and Craft

I've just realised it's been nearly a week since I blogged, that certainly went by fast!

Looking over my pictures, this week seems to have been all about art! Hannah really loves her art, so here is a recap of what she has been doing.

She made Dean a Fathers Day gift of a treasure box. We bought the box in the craft store and Hannah painted it and then added natural wooden appliques.

It turned out really well, and Dean was super pleased with it :-)

'I 'heart' U' , so sweet!

Hannah also did some pottery painting, decorating the Mini Window Ledge Garden she received for her birthday.

and on Tuesday we had our Homeschooling Art Group where the children continued to learn about watercolour painting.

Hannah's finished painting - 'Boat On The Water' .

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The Adventurer said...

Great art pieces here:)