Sunday, 10 June 2012

Riding and A Visit To Bosham Church

On Friday my sister Anita took Hannah, my mum and I out to the stables for Hannah's lesson and then to Bosham Village.

Hannah in her new pink riding hat!

Riding Dillon with her favorite riding instructor Leah.

Hannah is getting the hang of riding in a bridle now (she rode for two years in just a head collar previously) and is getting much more confident about using the reins.


After her lesson we went out for lunch in Bosham and then had a walk around the village. The old Church is beautiful, and the churchyard full of blossom and birds!

Grandma, Hannah and Auntie Anita

The Altar

King Canut's daughter was buried here after drowning in the mill stream in 1020.

The top half of the memorial stone.
The view from the churchyard to the sea.

A Chaffinch

He was singing so beautifully!

A blackbird collecting worms - he must have had a nest close by.


Hannah and my sister walking the path to the church.

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