Friday, 15 June 2012

Hannah's First Brownie Badge

This term Hannah and her Brownie pack have all been working towards their Jubilee Badge. They each had to complete 12 activities to earn the badge, including writing a letter to the Queen, designing a dress for a jubilee party, finding out about a chosen Commonwealth country and designing a crown. As well as completing the activities the girls also learned all about the Sovereignty and the life of the Queen.

When Hannah went to her Brownie meeting tonight she was delighted to discover that she had completed all her activities and was the first Brownie in her pack to earn her badge! It was also the first badge she has ever earned as a Brownie so she was doubly delighted!!!


happy's mommy said...

Hi-fives from across the pond!

...danielle - Raising Little Rhodies

Woolly Wanderer said...

Well done for the jubilee badge and your wormery looks fab! I think we'll be "borrowing" your idea as one of our Summer School activities.

Hugs to you and your mum

san and co xxx

The Adventurer said...

Great job for being the first girl to earn a Brownie badge!!! Sounds like you had to work hard to earn it:)