Sunday, 22 July 2012

Fishbourne Meadows

Quite by chance this week we came across Fishbourne Meadows in West Sussex. Fishbourne Meadows is an area of low-lying damp meadow next to the harbour at the top of Fishbourne channel. It has never been ploughed so it has a wide range of plant and insect species. Freshwater streams flow through the meadow and there are some beautiful flowers, butterflies and birds to be seen and heard.

We started our walk at Fishbourne Pond, where Hannah was a little concerned by the over friendliness of the ducks!

Don't let him peck me Daddy!!

Actually they aren't so scary if I waddle like a duck!!

Isn't this a wonderful view!
 Next we followed a foot path along the stream and discovered the meadows at the bottom of the path.

 The water was so clear and so tempting that as soon as Hannah spotted a Ladybird that needed rescuing she jumped straight in!
 She fished the Ladybird out and was delighted to find it was still alive!

 Then we went on through the meadow and, as it was a warm sunny day, we saw butterflies, ladybirds, grasshoppers, beetles, crickets, a buzzard and also a skylark singing away over out heads.

 Finally we walked through the woodland path and back over the stream to the village.

 Definitely a place to visit again!

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