Monday, 2 July 2012


Today Hannah started a French class. The class is called Les Pappillons - The Butterflies.

 She really enjoyed it! She joined in with the whole lesson, read the translations out to the class and was the most confident in a classroom setting that I have ever seen her!

The class began by learning where France was, what their flag looked like and finding some French landmarks. Then they moved on to introductions and salutations, and numbers 1 - 10. 

They played a counting game and had a story in French (The Very Hungry Caterpillar) which they took turns to read in both French and English.  

 Finally reference sheets were given out so they could practise at home ready for next week.

 The course is six weeks long and Hannah can't wait for the next lesson!!


Fiona said...

It sounds like a fantastic class, and well done Hannah for being so enthusiastic.
Sofie is desperate to learn French, so she will be very envious.

happy's mommy said...

It DOES sound fantastic! We've been learning a little French this year too.

...danielle - Raising Little Rhodies