Thursday, 12 July 2012

Marwell Zoo Trip 2012

Yesterday was the annual homeschoolers trip to Marwell Zoo, and this year was the biggest group we've ever seen with almost 300 attendees!!

The weather was a mixture of torrential rain, thunder storms, hail and hot sunshine - very odd indeed, and we had an excellent day!

It rained as soon as we arrived, but Hannah was so excited she didn't care a bit what the weather did! She spent most of the day with her friend (also called Hannah) and the girls had a great time together.

First Stop was the Flamingos as they are Hannah's favourites, then we went in search of some indoor animals until the rain stopped.

Sleeping Tiger


Happy Girls in the sunshine!

 Just before lunch Hannah had a workshop. She does the workshop every year and really looks forward to it. This year she was able to see and touch a cockroach and a snake and learned about camoflage.

After lunch we went to the 'cold blooded' area,

 and then had a walk around the outside animals while the sun was out.

It was also Dean's birthday yesterday so we had a 'Daddy and Hannah birthday picture' !!

I absolutely love this wildflower meadow.

My favourite animal - the Coati

When the sun came out the Tiger also came out and prowled around!

 The Snow Leopard sunbathed

and so did her cubs.

Beautiful Owl

Uh oh, the hippo got Hannah !!!
 And then it rained, really, really rained!!

Hannah LOVED it!!

Marwell emptied of visitors

and it rained like this all the way home!!
Until finally there was a rainbow :-)

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Hannah's little face at the Hippo made me LOL!

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