Saturday, 7 July 2012

Rainy Riding!

Are you noticing a theme? Yes, it's still raining lol!

Yesterday Hannah had a riding lesson all to herself. She was really pleased because she absolutely loves her teacher Leah and got to spend lots of time with her. She was riding Bob (aka The Worlds Laziest Pony) and Hannah and Leah tried and tried to persuade Bob to trot. It was so funny to watch, but eventually he consented to a slightly faster than walking pace and I managed to get a little of it on camera. The clanging noise on the video is the Farrier shoeing a pony right behind me - sorry about that!

After Hannah's lesson she got to help untack and feed Bob, and spent some time in the yard chatting with Leah and learning a bit more about the other horses at the yard.

 Hannah had a really good afternoon!

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PrairieJenn said...

We actually got a little rain here too! We needed it badly.

My girls would love to take horseback riding lessons. I'll have to show them your video:) We are checking out a place nearby that offers lessons tomorrow!