Sunday, 22 July 2012

Wildlife Watch Bat Walk

Last night we went on the bat walk organised by the Wildlife Watch group that Hannah belongs to. The walk started at 9pm and was due to finish around 10.30pm - 11 pm and I was a little worried about whether Hannah could stay awake and walk for that long! She wasn't worried at all and was sure she could do it so after a talk about bats (and glow worms) and what to look for we set off through the wildgrounds. The wildgrounds is a nature reserve with mainly grasslands and small woodland area and a large Lake at the far side of the reserve, Our walk took us through the woods to the lake and then back via the path along the grasslands.

The first wildlife we saw was a fox. He was completely unfazed by a group of people wandering around so late and posed for a few pictures!

 By the time we got into the woods it was too dark to take pictures, but with the help of our bat guide and his handheld bat detectors we were able to find a great spot to see the bats. It was amazing to watch them zipping over our heads, perfectly silhouetted against the darkening sky.

By the time we arrived at the lake it was this dark!!
But we were able to see a few more bats here. We also spotted glow worms, 32 of them to be exact! They were so cool! Hannah had never seen one before and was completely enchanted by them!

The bat walk really was one of the best things we've done ! Hannah was afraid of the dark until the night before when she finally braved the garden after dark in preparation for the walk, and she learned so much on the walk. Wildlife Watch is fantastic!!!

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PrairieJenn said...

This sounds so cool! And the fox is absolutely beautiful:)