Sunday, 9 June 2013

Hannah Spent Her Birthday Money On............................


Saige - taken by Hannah

Saige and her art supplies - taken by Hannah
She absolutely could not believe it when not only did she get enough birthday money to get Saige, but also her friend Tess was holidaying in the USA and was able to go to the store and buy her and bring her back!!

Hannah bought the doll, her border collie dog and her art set and has recommended that we start saving as she would reeeeaaalllyyyy like Saige's horse for Christmas!!

She was so happy when Tess brought Saige over, and Tess got a Saige doll also, so now she has an AG friend in the UK as well - awesome!

Of course Saige had to spend her first night here with Hannah in her bed -

All ready for bed

10 mins later!
We now have four AG dolls and Hannah's love for them is only increasing, I am so happy that my nine year old still enjoys her dolls and gets so much enjoyment from them.

Oh, and one more picture. When I took the pictures of Saige that Hannah had taken off of my camera I found this self portrait.............

............and thought it was too cute not to share!!
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