Sunday, 2 June 2013

Little Woodham - 17th Century Village

Today we have been to Little Woodham in Gosport to see what life was like in the 17th Century. It was a really interesting day. The village is staffed by volunteers in period costume who keep in character as much as possible and really represent life in a 17th century village.

We spoke to an innkeeper who was cooking pottage (chicken and vegetable stew) over an open fire, the sawyer who was preparing timber, and a really interesting cottager who told me all about stick weaving! I'm now desperate to give it a try!

This is a village hovel, where we were told the poorer visitors would have slept had they not been wealthy enough to afford a bed at the Inn

Hannah inside the basket makers one roomed cottage.

A Village Scene

The seamstress' cottage with period garments on display.

17th Century doll.


In the sleeping area.

Cottage gardens.


The loom and some of the beautiful cloths that had been made on it.

A bed at the Inn

A poster on the wall of the Inn,

Bit of housework anyone???

Mistress Eve the Innkeeper

Someone is hoping for a bowl of pottage!!

The Village Potter

Some of his wares. 

Inside the potters cottage

I think this is the best costume we saw - he looks awesome!

This is the sawyers cottage where we met his wife Mistress Hannah, who taught us all about stick weaving.

Mistress Hannah

21st Century Hannah in 17th Century Hannah's cottage!!

Some of her stick weaving.

Learning to weave with 4 sticks.

A 15 stick scarf in the making!

Sawyers at work.

Time for a chat and some interesting facts about life in the village.

Little Woodham is a really great place to visit, the people are so knowledgeable and friendly you can't help but be drawn into their world, it's an amazing place!

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Megan L said...

really neat! living history is the best.