Monday, 10 June 2013

Northney Farm - Open Farm Sunday

Yesterday was the annual Open Farm Sunday event in the UK.
Hannah loved visiting Northney Farm with our home education group last year so was thrilled to find that it was one of the farms that were opening on Open farm Sunday this year.

Northney Farm is an arable and dairy farm on Hayling Island, and they also make their own (delicious) ice cream, have tea rooms and run a small farm shop.

Yesterday we went on two seperate tractor trailer rides around different crop fields and saw peas, potatoes and maize growing. We went around the cattle fields, met the new calves in the barns, had a tour of the milking sheds and watched the evening milking.


Hannah and Grammy

A field of cows on our trailer ride.

Hannah on the trailer

The youngest calf on the farm

Making friends.

Milking time

Open Farm Sunday is a really nice day out - we didn't get to see the farm in as much detail as when we went on our organised group trip, but it was still a lovely day out and a lot of fun!

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