Thursday, 6 June 2013

Pony Riding and Poo Picking!!

This morning Hannah and her friend Melissa went out for a pony ride together. The ride was Melissa's birthday present to Hannah and both girls had a lovely time!

Hannah and Millie the pony

Off they go!

Back again after a really fun ride.
On the way home Melissa's mum wanted to stop to get some manure from a nearby stable for her allotment. When we got there we discovered it was a 'pick your own' and the manure was still in the field!

Luckily for us Hannah and Melissa thought this was a great thing to do and leapt into action filling 4 sacks to the brim!! I love having a county girl !!

Hannah said she considers the poo picking part of her birthday present because it was so much fun - so, if anyone needs a field cleared Hannah is your girl!!

1 comment:

Fiona said...

The poo picking part was so funny! Go Hannah.

And I'm glad she had a nice ride - what a great birthday present.