Friday, 21 June 2013

Paultons Park Trip

This week we have been to Paultons Park with 170 other home educators from our area!!

Hannah had a great time, despite being nervous of some of the bigger rides ( we are not really scary ride people) and really enjoyed Peppa Pig World and the water rides and spending time with one of her best friends!

Tree Huggers!!

The 'super scary' Edge - we watched our much braver friends go on this!

Fun on the teacups.

Our favourite ride, the Wave Runner.
George's Dinosaur Ride in Peppa Pig World

My favourite picture - Hannah and Hermionie in Daddy Pigs Car

I'd like to say my friend Emma made me do it, but actually I was desperate to ride a dinosaur too!!
A really fun day, and special thanks to our friends at In Search Of The Good Life for driving us and hanging out all day :-)


pixieminx said...

Ha ha! I'm glad you wanted ride a dinosaur, the trip wouldn't have been complete without it! Thanks for a good day...and lots of chips :)

Angela Manton said...

Ah looks cool! Think A & W would have really enjoyed it. Glad you all had fun x

Megan L said...

oh my kids love peppa pig! they have been talking with British accents lately and think it's very funny/. they called training wheels on a bike stabilizers the other day and i thought that was funny :)