Thursday, 23 April 2009

A Day On the Beach

Today we met our friends Carole, Tess and Brodie for a picnic in the Rock Gardens in Southsea and then spent a lovely couple of hours on the beach together - our first beach day this year! It was actually quite warm, and Tess and Hannah even paddled!!

The Rock Gardens are a peaceful, sheltered gardens just off of the seafront, and are renown for their distinctive collection of flora not normally seen in publicly open areas.

Playing in the gardens

After lunch we went on to the beach. Hannah and Tess played on the waters edge, collected shells and pebbles, and even found a little patch of sand to play in. Hannah loves drawing sand pictures, and can draw some quite detailed pictures on a good, sandy beach - unfortunately Southsea is not one of those beaches, but she still managed a sand bunny !

Chasing the waves

Sand Bunny
Some of the treasures we brought home.
Hannah's favourite shells from today.

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Rae said...

Love your sand bunny! We have just arrived home after some time in Devon. It was beautiful and the weather was perfect.

I'm glad you enjoyed your first day of the year on the beach; your treasures are lovely!