Tuesday, 7 April 2009

A Play Day and Ducklings

On the Swings.

It's the Easter holiday's this week so i took Hannah over to Baffins to play with one of her friends. The girls had a lovely time playing in the garden and doing some art, and then we went over to the play park and pond near her friend's house. There were some very new ducklings on the bank of the pond, which i just managed to photograph (a bit blurry as they were quite a long way away) and lots of other pairs of birds. We are planning to visit the pond regularly now, as over the next few weeks we should find ducklings, moorhen and coot chicks, and goslings on the pond. 

Playing in the Sand.
The ducklings -  there's a little bundle of them on the right!
Ducklings again.
Swans under the Willows.


Rae said...

what a beautiful place that looks. We love the ducklings, they are so cute.
Are they tame or is the mother closely guarding them?
We managed to pick some up a couple of years ago - the mother didn't seem to care one bit!

It's a lovely day today, so I hope hannah gets to enjoy herself outdoors again :)

Susie said...

It is lovely there, a little oasis in the city! The ducklings were very closly guarded and in the fenced wetland part so we couldn't get too close. Last year there were literally hundreds of baby birds around there so hoping for the same again this year:-)
It was a gorgeous day again today, but Hannah's dad was in hospital having surgery so we stayed near the phone. I'm pleased to report that it went well and he is fine :-)