Sunday, 19 April 2009

Taking Care Of Pets

This is Hannah with one of her Guinea Pigs, Didi.

Hannah has 5 far!! She has two Guinea Pigs - Didi and Fifi, a cat - Rosie, and two goldfish - Nemo and Fat Fergus. She is very active in helping to care for them all, and regularly feeds them and helps to keep them clean. 

Studies have shown that taking care of a pet can be of immense benefit to a child. 

Advantages of Pet Ownership : 

Children raised with pets show many benefits. Developing positive feelings about pets can contribute to a child's self-esteem and self-confidence. Positive relationships with pets can aid in the development of trusting relationships with others. A good relationship with a pet can also help in developing non-verbal communication, compassion, and empathy. Pets can serve different purposes for children: 

They can be safe recipients of secrets and private thoughts--children often talk to their pets, like they do their stuffed animals. 
They provide lessons about life; reproduction, birth, illnesses, accidents, death, and bereavement. 
They can help develop responsible behavior in the children who care for them. 
They provide a connection to nature. 
They can teach respect for other living things. 

Cleaning the Guinea Pig's cage.
Putting in fresh woodshavings while the guinea's play in the run below.
A Nice Clean Cage.

They need fresh water every day.
Sweeping up afterwards.

All Done !!

Now it's time to feed Rosie.................................

Biscuits  first.......

Then her meat.

She can't wait for that and tries to eat it from the packet!!

And finally the fish.....................................

All finished :-)


nocton4 said...

Great post.
Well done Hannah for all your hard work, bet your pets love you lots xxx

Rae said...

Hi Hannah, your pets look so well looked after. You should feel very proud of all the love and care you give them.

Verona has one elderly cat called Sweep. Sweep needs extra gentle care because she can't see or hear very well. But Verona loves her and they talk alot together and still get up to mischief :)